Thinking About a New Roof? These Sites Offer Great Information About Different Roofing Materials and More!

Visit the pages below to learn about recognizing the signs of siding in need of replacement and gain a better understand of several different roofing materials. Contact Apex Exteriors at (847) 531-8960 with any further questions.

  • Take a look at this graphic from Angie’s List to learn about some of the most commonly-encountered problems in roofing.
  • Visit to learn about some of the issues that homeowners with flat roofs can expect over time.
  • Check out this page from to learn about many of the challenges that all types of roofing face.
  • Explore several different attractive options for replacing your home’s siding on this page from
  • In an article from, you can see how rotting siding is treated and repaired by professionals.

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