Blog Posts in May, 2014

Which is Best? Vinyl Windows or Wood Windows?

If you live in Schamburg or Chicagoland and need vinyl or wood replacement windows, you can get the help you need here. You may have wondered, however, which is best for you vinyl or wood. There are ...
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Top Home Repairs You Can't Afford To Ignore

Home repairs can sometimes seem outside your budget. However, when left unattended, those smaller repairs can turn into a more costly expense in renovation and major repair. Repairs needed for your ...
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Easily Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Once you have your vinyl siding installed from your Apex Ext siding company, you will want to keep it looking it's best. Washing your siding is not complicated and is much easier than the ...
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How To Tell if You Need a New Roof

Six Signs That You Need a New Roof It's a rainy night, and you're curled up in bed. Suddenly, you feel a drip. You look up. To your horror, you see water coming in through the ceiling. Your ...
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