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Apex Exteriors, Inc. , a Chicagoland home improvement company, consists of a team of trusted contractors who works together towards its customers’ complete satisfaction. Apex Exteriors, Inc. was able to establish a name for itself through the evident superiority in the performance and workmanship of its employees which reflects the diligence and hard work used to build the company over 30 years ago. And, throughout the years, we set ourselves apart by continually adhering to our initial principles and committing ourselves to a business philosophy based upon excellence, endurance, great relationships and outstanding customer service. With wide-ranging experience in the installing and replacing siding and hundreds of home improvement projects in our portfolio, we continue to help homeowners realize their dreams of an ideal home which integrates beauty and functionality. When it comes to a siding installation job, none is too big or too small for Apex Exteriors, Inc. Our contracting experts offer a complete line of services for your home repair and improvement needs with specific specializations on siding, windows, roofing and remodeling. Our team of professional and highly qualified contractors is one in our company’s commitment to standards and quality that is marked in every phase of the siding installation project from consultation, planning, organizing and finishing. Naturally, more and more of our DeKalb customers have been consulting with our representatives about having their DeKalb homes’ siding replaced.

DeKalb Siding Replacement

DeKalb, Illinois is located in DeKalb County and is only a little more than an hour from both downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. It has a population of nearly 44,000, with over 13,000 households, and nearly 7,000 families. Northern Illinois State Normal School was founded in 1895 and later became Northern Illinois University which is known for its business, nursing, education, engineering, and music programs. It is recognized as a comprehensive teaching and research institution with a student enrollment of around 25,000, which makes it the second largest university in Illinois. The DeKalb County Farm Bureau organized in 1912, and, in the 1930s the DeKalb AgResearch Corporation (know now as MONSANTO) marketed its first hybrid seed corn. Of late, DeKalb residents have been upgrading their homes and investing in siding replacement and installation with Apex Exteriors, Inc. We are specialists in residential home improvement contracting work for homeowners. Our exterior siding consultants are full of great ideas to make your home look its best. We can help you design a new look for your home and Apex Exteriors, Inc. can implement all the details of installing the exterior siding, trim and finish you want.

DeKalb Siding Repair

Apex Exteriors, Inc. Another reason for exterior siding restoration is purely aesthetic. Siding is the first and foremost feature people notice about your home. Curb appeal is extremely important for homeowners. It improves the appearance of your neighborhood, as a whole, and speaks volumes about the inhabitants inside. It is essential to maintain top quality siding to increase the perceived and actual value of your home. Consequently, if you are considering vinyl siding, you will discover it is the perfect siding material especially for your four-season home in the Chicagoland area. Apex Exteriors, Inc. uses only the highest quality products available and provides leading workmanship backed by the industry’s most stringent certification standards. You can always depend upon Apex Exteriors, Inc. for all of your home improvement projects and siding installation in the Chicagoland region. With a growing trend in attention to exterior design, Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s siding suppliers present a complete collection of essential exterior surfaces, mixtures of textures and contrasts and a palette of vivid colors to create and express the exceptional style of your home's exterior. To find out more about our vast choice of leading siding companies to chose from and let us help you determine the best siding for you and your family’s needs, call Apex Exteriors, Inc. today.

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