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Replacing your roof is seldom a want, but more often a need. Usually, it’s an emergency. When it comes time to replace your roof, choosing the right shingle might be important, but choosing the right roofing contractor is critical! Roofing is one of the leading industries in which contractors come and go. The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies and getting off cheap can often be catastrophic when it comes to poor quality work. Apex Exteriors, Inc. has been installing roofing for over 30 years, and we install more roofing in the Chicagoland, Northern Illinois and Madison Wisconsin region than just about anyone. So trust your home to us… many of your neighbors did! We want you to know that your peace-of-mind is on our mind! Apex Exteriors, Inc. offers first rate professional roofing expertise and knowledge in both residential and commercial roofing. We guarantee the use of quality roofing products for lasting customer satisfaction. Many people don’t realize they have roofing problems until it’s too late. After years of being exposed to heavy rains, snows, and winds, roof shingles can start to wear. Curling, peeling, and eventual disintegration of roof shingles can lead to severe and permanent damage to your roof and overall house structure. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. we are professional roofers and we can fix any roofing issues you may have. Lately, many of our Hoffman Estates customers have been seeking our free, in-home consultation. Our professional staff is able to assist Hoffman Estate homeowners in figuring out what their roofing problems may be and what method they need to take in order to correct the problems.

Hoffman Estates Roof Repair

Hoffman Estates, Illinois is located in Cook and Kane Counties about 30 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. Hoffman Estates is a diversified community with a high standard of living. Hoffman Estates has about 52,000 residents, with over 18,000 households, and nearly 13,000 families. The median household income in Hoffman Estates is more than $74,000 and the median family income is close to $90,000. The median home value in Hoffman Estates is right around $300,000. Hoffman Estates is home to many notable business headquarters, such as: Sears Holdings Corporation, Midwest headquarters for AT&T, and the American headquarters for Mori Seiki. Many homeowners in Hoffman Estates have been interested in what we have to offer them in the line of roofing replacements and repairs. They realize that with as much as a 67% return on investment, roof replacement can enhance your home’s curb appeal, as well as increase its value.

Hoffman Estates Roof Replacement

Apex Exteriors, Inc. has become of the most respected names in the Chicagoland’s roofing business. We have long been leaders in roofing replacement services and roofing repair and, along with customer satisfaction; we now serve homeowners throughout the Northern Illinois and Madison Wisconsin areas, also. Our hard work and desire to serve our customers is what has kept us motivated throughout the years. Apex Exteriors, Inc. has also always stressed the importance of a job done honestly and honorably. We realize that our work and commitment are representations of the kind of business we are, and each of us at Apex Exteriors, Inc. constantly endeavors to meet the high standards set by previously by our professional team of experts. To learn more about teaming up with the pros at Apex Exteriors, Inc. , to repair or replace your roof, call us today. You’ll be glad you did!

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