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Apex Exteriors, Inc. offers a new generation of building products that combines the latest technology with traditional quality and value. Chicagoland homeowners like Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s products because they are designed to preserve their homes’ charms and architectural integrity and provide a simpler lifestyle for the homeowners. Apex Exteriors, Inc. installs many different styles of siding products. Over a 30 year span, Apex Exteriors, Inc. has built a strong reputation of excellence in its products, outstanding service and competitive pricing. Together with our highly-skilled workforce, Apex Exteriors, Inc. is widely accepted as a leader in the Siding Industry in the Chicagoland, Northern Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin corridor. We have successfully installed siding throughout the region in thousands of customers homes. There are so many options available to our customers now. You really have a multitude of choices in materials and colors for the siding you want us to install. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. , we take a great deal of pride in our accomplishments and want more than anything else for our customers to be pleases with the end results. If our customers aren’t happy; we aren’t happy. It’s that simple. Our customers are our reason for existing as the finest siding and home improvement company in the region. Their satisfaction is what brings them back to us again and again and what causes them to send other siding installation business our way. Lately, many of our Skokie clients have been coming in to look over our siding styles and colors in order to make the best selection of siding that will customize the look of their homes.

Skokie Siding Replacement

Skokie, Illinois is located in Cook County. It is a village of approximately 60,000 people. It is both a culturally diverse and economically progressive community, with a history rich with influences of the American Indian, French and British explorers, and the emigration of European settlers. For many years, Skokie promoted itself as “The World's Largest Village.” Its name is thought to originate from a Native American term for “fire.” Originally a German-Luxembourger farming community, Skokie was settled by a sizeable Jewish population, particularly after World War II. It was considered the most logical location for the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, when it opened in northwest Skokie in 2009. The Skokie Park District maintains public spaces and historical sites within its more than 240 acres of parkland. The district recently won the national “Gold Medal for Excellence” for parks and recreation management. Skokie was given a AAA bond rating from Fitch IBCA for its 2003 General Obligation bond series. Also, in 2003, Money magazine named Skokie among the 80 fastest-growing suburbs in the entire nation. Chicago magazine continues to rank Skokie near the top in its suburban livability rating, praising the Village’s schools, parks, municipal services and entertainment options. The median income for a family in Skokie is almost $80,000, and the median home value is nearly $300,000. Recently, many of Skokie’s residents have shown an interest in preserving the quality and the integrity of their homes and have contacted the experts at Apex Exteriors, Inc. about our siding replacement and siding installation.

Skokie Siding Repair

Combining expertise, gained from years of hands-on siding installation and home improvement construction, with good old-fashioned customer service, Apex Exteriors, Inc. fills our homeowners’ needs for qualified, educated and experienced siding replacement and installation. At Apex Exteriors, Inc. , you won’t hear, “That's not my department.” Apex Exteriors, Inc. is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who encourage customers to examine and compare well-known brands so that they will be able to choose the right siding products that match their tastes and price range. Our highly qualified personnel are always prepared to assist our customers in the selection of our products. As a well-established home improvement company, we offer the most affordable siding installation alternatives to our clients without sacrificing the integrity of their homes. When you hire Apex Exteriors, Inc.’s highly qualified team of skilled contractors, you’ll be assured of proper siding installation which can act as excellent insulators to further protect your home from harsh temperatures. If you are in the market to enhance the curb appeal of your home, give us a call today.

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